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Having a roof over your head is one of many people's primary concerns. Ensuring that your roof stays in good condition will help maintain your peace of mind, and when done right, may even help you with your energy costs. So when your roof goes through wear and tear and needs to be repaired or replaced, count on Rain-Out Roofing Co. to provide you with the quality roof service you need. In addition to your roof, we provide repair and replacement services for exterior siding and gutters and spouts.
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Family Business

For 32 years, Rain-Out Roofing Co. has been serving the greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Quality and service have always been a cornerstone for owner Mark Kurth and his family. That is why Rain-Out Roofing Co. will take the time to review with you what the best options are and what will work best for your budget. Then take the time to ensure the job is done right the first time to help prevent lingering issues with the exterior of your home.
Rain-Out Roofing Co. is a proud member of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and our license number is #28189.

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